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With many of us now far more aware than we ever used to be about fish shortages and the plight of the fisherman forced to throw dead hauls back into the North Sea, it has never been more important to address and instill sustainability within fish and chip shops. From our humble beginnings we have always set out to use the finest quality ingredients and take our responsibility within the fishing community to raise awareness and be a part of what it means to be sustainable in 2014.

This involves only buying fish from the icy cold Arctic Waters around Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands and Russia, including the Barents Sea. We sell Frozen at Sea Wild Oceans Organic Fillets and we have complete traceability to every vessel that catches our fish for us. We even have the documentation from our suppliers to back up every claim made!

Quotas have actually been increased in these areas for Cod and Haddock, slowly rising over the last few years. More importantly, 'discard' is illegal in these waters. Everything caught must be landed and species out of quota are sold but the proceeds do not go to the vessel! We are currently about to apply for our Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification in which this global organization works with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public to promote the best environmental choice in seafood and sustainability.

However, its not just fish that makes a shop truly sustainable! Our cardboard boxes we use to serve our fish & chips are 100% recyclable and much less harmful to the environment than plastic. We also carry the 5p charge for all carrier bags used, thus deterring our customers from being wasteful with hard to degrade plastic bags. We are also currently looking into new suppliers for bio-degradable carrier bags to replace our plastic option.